My name is Sarolta, I’m a mother of four boys aged between 6 and 15. I’m also a wife who gave up her carrier for the future of her kids: we left Hungary and so I left my job as a tax advisor when the Hungarian government first deprived schools of their funds and of their freedom.

I founded Childcare Like Home, a chain of international daycare centers in Budapest when I stayed at home with my third baby. That is where I learned about Positive Discipline, which taught me to enjoy raising children.

After surviving and more or less resolving a couple of my life problems, such as how to be a happy and proud stay-at-home wife and how to cope with cultural differences in our marriage, I first came across life coaching when searching for ideas to support my husband in his carrier crisis. I realized very soon how life coaching could help me deal with my issues. However, what thrilled me was my recognition how coaching could reinforce the solutions offered by Positive Discipline. Coaching helps me practice Positive Discipline even more consistently and take it even deeper.

Every day I make new discoveries about myself, the people around me. Every day a new level of consciousness. It is wonderful. This is why I began this blog.


Tennis, snowboard, dancing

Kayaking on a narrow river

Jogging with a podcast

Talks with my husband and children


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